Art Dubai offers a taster

Art Dubai chose the week before Abu Dhabi Art to announce the list of participating galleries for its 2023 edition, which will take place at Madinat Jumeirah from 3 to 5 March 2023.

There will be more than 100 galleries from 43 countries across Abu Dhabi’s four sections – a couple more than last year by our count, though Art Dubai says it’s still signing up exhibitors.

Even so, the post-pandemic boom that is being reported by the big European and American fairs doesn’t seem to be being reproduced in Dubai, although the 2023 Art Dubai will include 30 first-time participants – always an important metric to set alongside the number of big-name blue-chip galleries that have signed up. A dozen more are returning to Art Dubai after skipping one or more editions, which suggests that things are indeed getting back to normal in terms of the Dubai art market; the 2023 edition also has 21 Dubai-based galleries, more than ever before, with most of the big names choosing to show.

Over 60 percent of the total number of galleries comes from the Global South, “reaffirming Art Dubai’s position as the leading marketplace for art from this region” as the press release has it.

The Contemporary rooms as usual has the majority of the galleries (72 of them); in the Modern section are just six galleries, four of whom are also in Contemporary (Art Dubai says more are due to be announced here. Bawwaba lists 11 galleries in this special curated section for works created in the past year and/or specifically for Art Dubai – for 2023 the curator is Bangkok-based Vipash Purichanont.

And Art Dubai Digital is back for a second year with 13 galleries (there were 17 last year but again more are expected to sign up for 2023). Curated by the Singapore-based educator and arts writer Clara Che Wei Peh, Art Dubai Digital will also feature an “extensive” talks and education programme.

The full list of galleries participating in Art Dubai 2023 is here.

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