Opinion: Have design fairs had their day?

In the wake of Covid, should the design industry rethink its reliance on extravagant, wasteful trade  fairs and look for a more sustainable alternative? Esra Lemmens looks at the options – and the opportunities.  Over the last century, the design […]


OPINION Music and children: the importance of education

Scientists have always emphasised how equal humans are. But we are differentiated too – through gender and race, through religion and culture. Sometimes these factors have served to separate us and cause divisions in the human race. We are quick […]


Louvre Abu Dhabi: memories of Venice?

On 8 November 2017, the new Louvre Abu Dhabi opened its doors. Its huge domed roof covers a medina of white cubes surrounded by the water, making the most of the poetry of its situation: the advantage of being on […]


VAT and the art business: the case for exemption

Entrepreneur Peter Goodwin believes the UAE’s art business – from artists to galleries – should be exempt from VAT. He outlined the arguments in a think piece that had the desired effect: it got us thinking. So we started a […]