Online art: film poster auction

Artscoops, the fairly new Beirut-based online gallery specialising in MENA art, ran a live auction earlier this year featuring Arabic film posters. Now a second round is under way, with bids closing on 14 December. As before, there’s a fascinating collection of posters on offer – graphically very distinctive, and certainly very different from the Western (especially Hollywood) styles for such promotions.

There are 20 on offer, most Egyptian and mostly from the 1960s. Some of the starting bids are quite high, at $500 or more (and one for Lot 19, a 1951 poster for Faten’s Farewell My Love, starts at $800). But at the end other end of the scale, you could start bidding for Suad Hosny’s Al Jou’ at just $20.

Check out the collection and make bids here.

Above: poster for Sabah, This Man I Love. Estimate $450 to $550

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