Mohammad Bozorgi — Against the Darkness / Ayyam DIFC, to 25 Aug 2016


Recognised as a leading figure among the new generation of contemporary calligraphers, Bozorgi uses his formal training at the Society of Iranian Calligraphers to advance the art of calligraphy through experimental formalism.

So it’s calligraphy, but it’s calligraphy that works on more levels than mere information or even decoration. Instead we get abstract illusions of depth and space, meticulously designed compositions based on precise mathematical structures and symmetry where text appears infused with energy as the characters move across the surface.

Selected from the artist’s recent Coloured Tears, Grey World series, the works at Ayyam all respond to regional conflicts and their global impact. At the same time they represent a new level of technique, exploring colour and the high levels of abstraction that can be realised from calligraphic forms.

The colour is important. In Coloured Tears, Grey World, the despair of shattered lives and lost dreams is countered by the colour of hope, belief and commitment. But the fluidity of the calligraphy is equally significant; the circular designs suggest movement, spatial width and depth that overlays the dimmed backgrounds.

In the diptych War and Freedom, for instance, repeated words meet but do not cross the central axis; the symmetry reflects competing ideologies, and the calligraphic forms seem to swarm like a mass of people – they might be fighting the battle, or they might just be caught up in the conflict. That’s happening on both sides, and there’s no clear indication of the causes.

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