New Designer-in-Residence programme from Fikra

Fikra has launched a new Designer-in-Residence programme, to be based in the equally new Fikra Campus – a multi-purpose communal space located in Sharjah’s GIBCA Building.

The programme, which will run from 20 January to 14 April next year, is intended to “challenge and broaden the conventional understanding of graphic design through a residency that focuses on design research and experimentation”. And “the subject of the investigation is open to the designer and may evolve over the period of residency”, all of which sounds satisfyingly broad.

The programme will be based at Fikra Campus for the total period of the residency and will conclude with an exhibition there. The Designer in Residence gets a daily stipend (unspecified) plus a budget for research and production.

All UAE-based designers are invited to apply; applications close on 30 December.

Fikra has come a long way since it started in Sharjah as a multidisciplinary design studio back in 2006. As Sheikh Salem Al Qassimi, founder and Principal of Fikra, notes: ” Fikra … was always concerned with the discourse around design in the Middle East, namely what constitutes Arabic design. Today, Fikra is invested in the dialogue nurtured by conversations on the relationship between design practices locally and internationally.”

Today (Fikra and the Fikra Campus) boasts a co-working space/ campus, a gallery, a library, a cafe in addition to a design shop. It also hosts thematic exhibitions, workshops, book-reading sessions, poetry nights, portfolio critiques and talks.

More information here.

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