Finding 50 to follow

magpie magazine is putting together its annual list of the 50 most exciting, innovative and stimulating people in the UAE who are active in design, performance and the arts.

In January we’ll be publishing our summary of the key people who are making a difference to the cultural and creative life of the UAE. There won’t be a better accolade

To give an idea of the reach, the list of candidates currently includes …

Dancers (or rather dance group leaders so far)
Curators, gallery owners/gallerists and event organisers
Designers and designer-makers
Librarians (well, one so far)
Musicians (jazz, classical, even one singer-songwriter)
Teachers (of art and music) and lecturers (in art and design)
Theatre directors
Writers, authors and commentators

So we are casting a wide net. The only criteria are …

the individual listed is based here or works primarily in the Emirates
they have demonstrated their potential during 2016
they are likely to add significantly to the arts and culture scene in 2017

We have been collecting candidates over the last few months – but we’d really appreciate your help to make this list the best it can be. If you have a suggestion, feel free to email your idea to You can propose up to five names, ideally with a note saying why you think they should be included. (Your own name won’t be mentioned, unless you happen to be one of the 50 selected, so feel free to be as expansive as you want.)

Thanks for your help – and watch out for the 50 to Follow list next month!

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