Christo winner unveiled

The winning installation for The Christo and Jeanne-Claude Award 2022 has been unveiled at Abu Dhabi Art.

Urban Fabric is a series of four sculptures conceptualised and built by NYUAD sophomore undergraduates Roudhah Al Mazrouei, Gerald Jason Cruz and Jennifer Tsai. Resembling pieces of thread, the forms are intertwined and interlaced into the ground; the physical environment around the piece is effectively turned into a canvas that the thread is woven into, linking each piece together.

The theme is the overarching idea of interconnectedness. Said Maya Allison of The NYUAD Art Gallery, one of the judges: “At this moment, as we ease out of the pandemic, it’s delightful to see a work that so brightly and playfully embodies the idea of our interconnectedness. Celebrating this interconnectedness is part of the decision to unveil the artwork at Abu Dhabi Art, our neighbours and colleagues in the Abu Dhabi arts community.”

After Abu Dhabi Art closes, Urban Fabric will be moved to the campus of NYU Abu Dhabi for a time, followed by a stint in Umm Al Emarat Park .

Run annually since 2013, The Christo and Jeanne-Claude Award serves as a launch pad for artists across the Emirates, encouraging the production of new work and offering winners mentored insight into professional life as an artist from commission to exhibition. The programme is open to UAE-based students and recent graduates.

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