Dubai Opera: first impressions

First impressions of Dubai Opera from the press beano at a Barber of Seville rehearsal the day before it opened officially last week: ▶ It’s a great size. Small-to-medium (2000 or so seats) but also small-to-cosy (doesn’t feel intimidating or […]


Good taste: dinner and a show

It is fair to say that not everyone wants a man dressed as a rabbit as an accompaniment to dinner. An increasing number of people do, however. “We’re working to change the perception of the phrase ‘dinner show’ together,” says […]


Dubai Opera: triumph of Hope?

Jasper Hope has the kind of seasoned, accomplished voice that wouldn’t sound bad in front of a microphone. Or maybe on the apron stage of a brand new opera house. He’s also a confident performer, which is probably one of […]