Design award for Dubai Future Accelerators

Dubai Future Accelerators, the project-based co-working initiative of the Dubai Future Foundation, has been named as one of the winners of the international iF Design Award 2022. The iF Design Award is one of the biggest and best established competitions […]


Dubai in the sky: optimism or hubris?

City Gazing Dubai is a clever way of looking at the metropolis. It’s a massive 18x11m dynamic light art installation showing the development of Dubai’s street pattern, suspended eight meters above DIFC Gate Avenue. The illuminated plan of Dubai comes […]


Opinion: Have design fairs had their day?

In the wake of Covid, should the design industry rethink its reliance on extravagant, wasteful trade  fairs and look for a more sustainable alternative? Esra Lemmens looks at the options – and the opportunities.  Over the last century, the design […]


Dubai Design Week returns IRL

Dubai Design Week is back, and looking better than ever with a busy in-person programme of more than 200 activities of various kinds. While some of these are located around the city, DDW does clearly benefit from having a defined […]