10 December 2023
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Some seasons: Fereydoun Ave and the Laal Collection, 1959-2019

Jameel Arts Centre Al Jaddaf, Dubai

Over the past five decades, artist, curator, designer and collector Fereydoun Ave (b. 1945) has assembled a singular collection of modern and contemporary Iranian art inflected by personal history, friendship, sensibility and circumstance. A linchpin figure, Ave returned to Iran in 1970 [ ... ]


Victor Ekpuk: INTERwoven TEXTures

Efiɛ Gallery 2 Al Khayat Art Avenue, First Al Khail Street, Dubai

The Nigerian-American artist’s solo debut in the Middle East is an exhibition of painting and sculpture that continues his exploration of Nsibidi, an ancient Nigerian graphic communication system. A tribute to the power of dialogue and collective human experiences, this [ ... ]


Sahand Hesamiyan: Prolepsis

The Third Line Alserkal Avenue, Dubai

The Third Line's third solo exhibition with Sahand Hesamiyan is a collection of sculptures that celebrate his dedication to steel as a 3D medium and shine a light on a number of long-cherished yet unrealised projects. While Hesamiyan is known [ ... ]

Saher Nassar: The Front Side Strikes the Most

Zawyeh Gallery Warehouse 27, Alserkal Avenue, Dubai

Soldiers undergo rigorous training, sometimes bordering on indoctrination, to execute commands often beyond their personal desires or intentions. They become pieces in a domino effect, operating in environments they cannot control. The latest works by Saher Nassar examine the psychology [ ... ]


Mariam Abbas: Terra Ephemera

Mestaria Gallery Unit 35, Alserkal Avenue, Dubai

Mariam Abbas is an Emirati illustrator, designer, and visual artist influenced by the architecture, botany, and the rich cultural backdrop that surrounds her. In particular, she finds that architecture can narrate tales of the past, while botanical gems convey cultural [ ... ]


Jehangir Vazifdar: A 60 Year Retrospective

Leila Heller Gallery Dubai

The late 60s and 70s were a time when the Indian sensibility found fresh voice, a time when new styles, techniques and visions came into the light. To some he will be known as the architect of some of Mumbai’s [ ... ]


Ali Cha’aban: I Guess I Am Still Angry

Leila Heller Gallery Dubai

Within the depths of our memories lie fragments of our childhood utopias. This exhibition seeks to examine the potency of these recollections, exploring how they shape our understanding of the world and influence our desires for a better future. Nostalgic [ ... ]


Shambhavi Singh: To see a world in a grain of sand …

Volte Art Projects Warehouse 13, Alserkal Avenue, Dubai

Singh appropriates, distorts, and symbolically creates surfaces and patterns within nature; raised in a farming family, it is the rural landscape, the farmer, and agricultural implements that find form in her practice. So the sickle, used primarily for harvesting or [ ... ]



1x1 Art Gallery Unit 10 Alserkal Avenue, Dubai

You don't often find glass and light fittings presented as art in Dubai, so this show could be interesting. Prateek Jain and Gautam Seth established klove studio in New Delhi in 2005, since when it has built a reputation for [ ... ]


Inked in time

Custot Gallery Dubai

Custot’s new show is a group exhibition of works on paper, by Fernando Botero, Richard Höglund, Marc Quinn, Pablo Reinoso, Bernar Venet and Fabienne Verdier. Höglund’s magnifies the interaction of ink and paper, highlighting the fluid and marking properties of [ ... ]


Khalid Alastad: Little Neighbours

FN Designs Unit 26 Alserkal Avenue, Dubai

A solo show of documentary photography, presented by Tashkeel at its new location in Alserkal Avenue at FN Designs(Warehouse 26). Alastad is known in photography circles for his passion, patience and dedication to the documentation of the UAE's desert ecosystem; [ ... ]


Sawsan Al Bahar

Firetti Contemporary Unit 29, Alserkal Avenue, Dubai

As an extension of Sawsan Al Bahar's solo show currently at Maraya Art Centre, Firetti Contemporary will be exhibiting works by the artist for Alserkal Lates. In drawing, Installation and text, Sawsan explores and experiments with a notion of home [ ... ]


Alserkal Lates

Alserkal Avenue Al Quoz 1, Dubai

The new season's first open-all-evening mini-festival at Alserkal Avenue. It's the mix as before, only more so – the galleries are staying open late, most with brand new shows, and so are the eateries and coffee shops. But added to [ ... ]


All Seeing Eye

Seeing Things Warehouse 34, Alserkal Avenue, Dubai

A phygital (physical/digital) and interactive exhibition created in response to an open call by MORROW Collective (the show also marks the launch of MORROW's NFT space on Foundation World, where most of these works will also be available). The exhibition [ ... ]


Cry, the Beloved Country: dir Zoltan Korda (1951)

Manarat al Saadiyat Abu Dhabi

Canada Lee is the black parish priest in the backcountry of South Africa, who travels to Johannesburg to support his son accused of murdering a prominent white man. With the assistance of  clergyman Reverend Msimangu (Sidney Poitier), he eventually meets the [ ... ]

Free, but pre-register

Costa Brava, Lebanon: dir Mounia Akl (2021)

Museum of the Future Trade Centre 2, Sheikh Zayed Rd, Dubai

A couple decide to leave the toxic pollution and social unrest of Beirut, hoping to build a utopian existence in the mountains. It’s a strong story, beautifully acted; the result is something of a love letter to Lebanon, a political [ ... ]

General admission: AED149

Vir Das: Mind Fool Tour

Dubai Opera

The top Indian comic comes to Dubai fairly regularly, and he's always reliably funny. “No artist embodies the globalisation of stand-up like Vir Das” said the New York Times; “there is a mixture of audacity and humility in Das's comedy” [ ... ]

From AED 150