Comment: 27 June 2024

This week’s editorial musings Abu Dhabi Art en route to Kerala Two of Abu Dhabi Art’s 2023 exhibitions, Beyond Emerging Artists (work by Almaha Jaralla, Samo Shalaby, and Latifa Saeed, all last seen at the Venice Biennale) and Gateway: Maqam (Hashel Al Lamki) are [ … ]


Comment: 20 June 2024

This week’s editorial musings Swiss cheers Art Basel’s 2024 edition seems to have been a pretty successful event. Despite fears of a much discussed ‘market correction’, overall attendance clocked in at 91,000 and the post-show press release talks of “a [ … ]


In Real Time: art as process

Most art exhibitions are by their nature static; the curator decides a theme, the artist(s) create work or supply existing pieces that fit the theme, they’re placed in an exhibition space, we go to see them there. The dynamic elements [ … ]