Arts Centre

Hayy Jameel’s opening

Art Jameel has announced an impressive opening season for Hayy Jameel, the Jeddah companion to Dubai’s Jameel Art Centre, which opens to the public on 6 December. It’s a packed schedule – December inaugurates Hayy Arts and a bevy of […]


Making a home in the UAE

The Arts Center at NYUAD has been running Hekayah | The Story for the past six years. The idea is simple: an annual celebration of the UAE’s diversity, realised as a programme of performances in different spheres by performers from […]


Sharjah’s film festival returns

The programme for the fourth edition of Sharjah Film Platform (SFP4), Sharjah Art Foundation’s annual film festival, has just been released. It has in-cinema screenings of over 50 films, including some world and regional premieres, culminating in awards for experimental, […]


Opinion: Have design fairs had their day?

In the wake of Covid, should the design industry rethink its reliance on extravagant, wasteful trade  fairs and look for a more sustainable alternative? Esra Lemmens looks at the options – and the opportunities.  Over the last century, the design […]