20 artists selected for Tuwaiq International Sculpture Symposium

Riyadh Art’s open call for submissions for the third edition of the Tuwaiq International Sculpture Symposium (TISS) produced proposals from more than 400 sculptors in 71 countries. Twenty have now been selected.

They will be creating work in marble in a live setting at JAX District in Riyadh, enabling the public to watch the sculptures being made. These will be exhibited in situ from 2-6 December before being moved to various outdoor locations across the city (Riyadh Art says its mission is to transform the city into “a gallery without walls”).

The selected artists:

  • Alessio Ranaldi Italy
  • Aleksandar Eftimovski North Macedonia
  • Ali AlJabri Oman
  • Anna Korver New Zealand
  • Ana Maria Negară Romania
  • Anna Rasinska Poland
  • Antonio Vigo Spain
  • Carlos Monge Mexico
  • Damjan Komel Slovenia
  • Fernando Pinto Colombia
  • Georgi Minchev Bulgaria
  • Haider Alawi Al-Alawi Saudi Arabia
  • Isabel H. Langtry UK/Spain
  • Jhon GogaberishviliGeorgia
  • Jo Kley Germany
  • Kim De Ruysscher Belgium
  • Mohammed AlThagafi Saudi Arabia
  • Nando Alvarez Spain
  • Rajaa Alshafee Saudi Arabia
  • Wafaa Al-Qunibit Saudi Arabia

TISS, which takes place in Riyadh from 10 November 10 to 6 December, is curated by Ali Jabbar, the established Iraqi-born UK-based artist and sculptor who we first came across at the Art in Iraq Today show at Meem Gallery back in 2011. For this year he set the theme as The Poetics of Space, aiming for an exploration of contrasts and connections between light and shadow (or matter and emptiness).

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